Windward Podcast: The Psychological Stance

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

It was my privilege to record an episode of Windward with Lisa Marchiano, a Jungian Analyst practicing in Philadelphia. I came into contact with Lisa through her podcast This Jungian Life, which takes a depth psychological approach in lively conversations about cultural currents, family dynamics, personal issues, and more.

We talk about what a "depth psychological approach" is, both in therapy and in the world outside the consulting room. We explore the challenge of maintaining an attitude of curiosity toward life, particularly in what seems to be a hyper-partisan, judgmental, oft-superficial cultural moment.

We also discuss some of Lisa's work relating to the phenomenon of "rapid-onset gender dysphoria", and the ethical issues inherent in working with children and adolescents who consider themselves to be transgender, often in a situation that seems to resemble a "social contagion" phenomenon. What are the risks when prescribing puberty-blocking medications, which change the person's physiology and neurochemistry before it has had a chance to fully develop?

The episode, as always, is available on the iTunes Store, Google Play, Stitcher, and wherever else you listen to your podcasts. Or you can use the player below: