Shadows of Pindus Q&A Podcast

I recently joined my good friend Darren Steele for a Q&A session on the podcast Shadows of Pindus. Shadows of Pindus is a Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast in a duet format--one DM and one player character. It is a fully-edited, streamlined, and scored narrative, that I think is really engaging to listen to. It's certainly unlike anything else out there at the moment.

The campaign was a major part of the research for my Master's thesis, Settlers, Gamers, & Identity Politics: A Depth Psychological Approach. The game serves as the main content for the phenomenological analysis that takes place in that work.

To listen to the Q&A episode, and hear me try to explain phenomenology (among other things), you can go


You can find Shadows of Pindus here.