Note: At the moment, dream groups are being run online, via video conferencing (ie. Zoom)

Windward Psychological facilitates Dream Groups. Some possible questions, with their answers, are below:


What is a Dream Group?

A dream group is an opportunity to work together with other people who are interested in learning to understand the meaningful symbolism that is present within our dreams. Some effective and easy-to-understand ways of working with dream symbolism will be taught as part of the process.


Is this group therapy?

No, these are not therapy groups. Generally, this means that we stay positive, curious, and light; we refrain from delving into deeper personal issues in the group setting. This tone is held and maintained by the group facilitator.


If I participate, will I have to share my dreams?

Only if you feel comfortable. Though having the group work with your dream can be a very moving experience, some people may not feel ready for this, and it is good to honour that. Even if you don’t share your own, experience shows that spending time with the dreams of others can also be very worthwhile, and will give you some concrete ideas of how to relate to yours.


What is the theoretical background of this work?

The process is based in the psychological theory of C.G. Jung. Joel Crichton is a Jungian Analyst Training Candidate with the C.G. Jung Institut in Zürich, Switzerland. The group's structure is also influenced by the work of Art Funkhouser.


Are these online, or in person?

Both. In-person groups meet in Edmonton, Canada. Online groups are held via video conferencing.


How much commitment is necessary?

If you wish to participate in a group, you will be asked to commit to a minimum of four two-hour sessions (which may take place once, twice, or four times per month, depending on the individuals involved). It is also strongly suggested that you keep a dream journal. Additional work, for example drawing the images from your dreams, or writing about them, is at your discretion - though it can be very beneficial.


Does this cost anything?

$50 per 2 hour group session. This can be negotiated in certain circumstances—if money is an obstacle, let me know.


How can I learn more, or become involved?

Email Joel at joel@windwardpsychological.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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